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Who we are

Who we are

About the EUR Association

The EUR Association is an international association governed by the French “1901” Law. The EUR Association was officially created in April 2021, under the reference W691103889.

The EUR Association brings together Members representing companies involved in new nuclear projects or in electricity generation from nuclear power in Europe.

EUR Members commit themselves:

  • to dedicate enough resources to contribute to the EUR Association activities;
  • to promote and to defend the EUR common positions with their usual stakeholders.
Who we are

EUR Missions

The missions of the EUR Association are to come to common European positions on design requirements to be proposed by Vendors for future Nuclear Power Plants (NPP) and to promote harmonisation in requirements towards standardisation bodies across Europe and worldwide. 

The aims are to ensure their compliance with the safety and technical requirements established by national nuclear authorities, and to facilitate NPP vendors and designs to enter the European market by making the design requirements harmonised and more transparent.

Who we are

Strategic Objectives

The strategic objectives of the EUR Association are:

  1. To develop and regularly update the “EUR Document” for the design of new Light Water Reactor of Nuclear Power Plants, including Small Modular Reactors.
  2. On request of designers or vendors of nuclear power plants, to perform the detailed assessment of their designs against the EUR Document.
  3. To be a recognised actor in discussions with other important external stakeholders in Europe and worldwide, about the design of new Nuclear Power Plants and harmonisation of utility requirements.